Draupne EPP Client is a Java-based desktop application that communicates with the .no domain registry. It is being developed by a volunteer development team in cooperation with NORID, the Norwegian Internet Registry. For information about the Draupne Registry, see NORIDs web pages.

The developers can be reached at epp-client-project at Support is handled through the forum.

Draupne EPP Client was originally developed as a IT2901 Informatics Project II at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Original developers were Jørgen Bøhnsdalen, Fredrik Skolmli, Ola Olsberg and Lasse Karstensen.

Current maintainer is Jørgen Bøhnsdalen.

Features and screenshots

Draupne EPP Client is a fully functional EPP client supporting NORID EPP extensions.
This includes fully working:

  • Create, update and delete host objects. (nameservers)
  • Create, update and delete contact objects. Person, organization and roles supported.
  • Create, update and delete domains.
  • Renew domains
  • Transfer domains from another registrar
  • Withdraw support for sponsored domain

Some unorganized screenshots are also available.


Downloads are handled through
The Git repository has the latest development version.